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About us


TACHELES - Israel & Germany is a multi-layered organization, founded by Anna-Maria Meier in January 2020.

The TAKA-TUKA-LAND has been the pedagogical education area for children since June 2020.
Tacheles combines various services, based on the needs and wishes of individuals or groups. The target group is primarily the German-speaking community in Tel Aviv and the surrounding area. TACHELES defines itself as a German-speaking center for education and social services.
The long-term goal is to create a physical center and an expanded range of services in the following areas:

Language teaching / language promotion

Children / adolescents / adults

Seminar planning

of themed evenings for travel groups, people doing voluntary service, adult groups on educational leave, etc.



Assistance with immigration / emigration

in / from a German-speaking country or Israel

Stabilization and advice

for people with traumatic experiences and associated mental disorders





in the German-speaking community

Cultural offers / platform

for various professions (arts / crafts / etc.)

I am an experienced social pedagogue with two master's degrees with the following specializations:
  • Trauma education
  • Crisis intervention and crisis management
  • Social psychiatric advice
  • Group leader
  • Educational work with children, youth and adult groups
  • Seminar planning and educational policy work
In addition, I have specialized in language-promoting and language-developing work with children and teaching German as a foreign language for young people and adults.
Founder & Head of TACHELES-Israel & Germany
Head of Taka-Tuka-Land TLV

Social pedagogue MA & German tutor

Anna-Maria Meier

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