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The Learning Package

If you have always wanted to help your child to learn German, but have lacked professional support and materials -
then here you are at the right place!

What is the learning package for children?
The learning package for children is a great opportunity to offer your child pedagogically sound and individually accompanied German learning units, but without time obligations and hours of sitting in front of a screen.

How does the learning package for children work?


The basic requirement is that your child can verbally understand the German language. Depending on the chosen focus (see below), your child receives a total of 10 units with PowerPoint presentations, worksheets, puzzles, games, audio files or videos - individually tailored to your child's needs. You can choose whether you want 1 or 2 units per week.


The worksheets are sent back to us, corrected within 24 hours (except for Shabbat) and motivating feedback is sent back. Building on this, the next unit is designed - meaning this learning package is not prefabricated and will not under or overburdened your child.

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Telefonat mit der Tutorin um offene Fragen zu klären und sich kennenzulernen


Erhalt einer E-Mail zur Bestätigung und mit den Zahlungsinformationen

(70 NIS für eine Probeinheit)


Nach Eingang der 70NIS Zahlung wird Ihnen ein kurzes individuelles Willkommensvideo für Ihr Kind zugesendet, zusammen mit der 1.Einheit.


Zahlung der restlichen 580NIS für die übrigen 9 Einheiten.


Ihr Kind erhält eine Urkunde nach Absolvierung der 10 Einheiten!

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