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The importance of a vibrant and positive relationship between Israel and Germany is not only due to the historical past of enormous importance.
Current political developments, an increasing anti-Semitic ideology and an orientation towards the right make educational work and intercultural exchanges irreplaceable.
Tacheles would like to participate in a dynamic and varied exchange and is convinced that communication and personal experiences are the key figures for a functioning and positive relationship.

Our focus

Seminar design and implementation for different target groups (youth encounters, international volunteers, adult groups) and on different topics:
  • International Relationship: Historical overview of the relationship between Israel and Germany

  • The founding of the state of Israel: What role did Germany play?

  • The Holocaust: Remembrance in Israel & Germany - how is the experience?

  • The Holocaust Trauma: The Multi-Generation Effect

  • Judaism: Religion or Identity?

  • The rules in Judaism: What do Kashrut (kosher), Shabbat, the holidays or the Tanakh mean?

  • Germans & Israelis: Culture and Behavior - Stereotypes or not?

  • Language Barriers: What's the Problem?

Mentoring activities in the context of accompanying international volunteers from Germany in Israel
  • Reflection units and crisis intervention in the event of problems with the deployment site and / or psychosocial advice in the event of individual difficulties and emotional challenges

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Internationaler Bund Kassel



Anna is a very open-minded, friendly and helpful professional 😊 She is very experienced in international youth work and has great knowledge about cultural diversity! I can totally recommend Tacheles!

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