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German for Children

Deutsch für Kinder! Wir vermitteln und fördern die Deutsche Sprache in Israel. Kreativ, am Kind orientiert und mit einer hohen Methodenvielfalt. Ebenfalls: Deutsch für Anfänger!
We teach age-appropriate, with creative methods and oriented towards the needs of the children. Our young students learn the German language with fun and without any pressure - suitable for beginners and advanced learners - online or in person.

The approach

  • Systemic approaches and methods

  • Behavioral approaches and methods

  • “New Authority” according to Haim Omer 

  • Adaptation of counseling and methods to the individual needs of the family


Depending on the question, a consultation appointment can lead to a change, but longer support at regular intervals can also be useful. In the course of the consultation, we will regularly weigh this up depending on further requirements.

Possible (exemplary) questions
  • Arguing about homework or other everyday situations

  • Aggressive behavior 

  • Withdrawal behavior

  • Attempt to refuse school

  • Disagreement between the parents

  • and many more…

Isabell Feigl
(B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Psychology)
In Germany I worked as a psychologist in the diagnosis of abnormalities in child development (intelligence, school skills, social behavior, attention, emotional problems) and in parenting counseling (systemic and behavioral approaches). I also did attention training for children with AD (H) D. In addition, I have completed the advanced training “Systemic Presence, New Authority and Parent Coaching” (Haim Omer approach) at IF Weinheim.

Wiebke Haver

Anna was my coordinator during my volunteer service in Israel. She had always a moment for me, my problems or questions and was very open minded for new ideas and suggestions we brought in as volunteers. It was a pleasure to work with her and I can highly recommend her for being such a great partner during this time.

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