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"Helping people to help themselves" is the most basic principle of Tacheles.
As humans, we need support in many life situations. Sometimes we try to get this from family and friends. As important as these resources are, sometimes we need some other form of help or are afraid or ashamed to involve people we are close to.

TACHELES supports you to rediscover your own strength!

This can be done in personal counseling sessions or as part of group activities.
The first contact is about getting to know each other without obligations. The most important thing is whether the common atmosphere is pleasant and whether there is a general feeling of security. Methods and approaches are selected according to the personality and wishes of the other person, e.g. systemic approach, psychoeducation, visualizations, resource orientation, network work, art therapeutic methods, client-centered conversation, etc.
Traumatic experiences

A traumatic experience has subjective and objective criteria to define it as such. If you have experienced a situation that threatened your life/ existence and has an impact on your personality, your behavior, your dreams, your work, your studies, etc. - Get support!


We can help you stabilize and regain your self-control.

Mental disorders

To a certain extent, we can have a supportive effect on mental disorders. If you need any assistance in this direction, don't hesitate to call.

We also help to find the right support offer!


Wiebke Haver

Anna was my coordinator during my volunteer service in Israel. She had always a moment for me, my problems or questions and was very open minded for new ideas and suggestions we brought in as volunteers. It was a pleasure to work with her and I can highly recommend her for being such a great partner during this time.

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