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For Parents

Albert Schweitzer once said

“Culture doesn't fall into our lap like a ripe fruit. The tree must be carefully tended if it is to bear fruit. "

What we offer

Multilingual Education

We help to support the multilingual upbringing of children professionally through age-appropriate & individualized private lessons for children / siblings - online via zoom or in our rooms.





Language acquisition / promotion for adult family members

The women's network  

Cultural differences can become a real challenge on many levels (relationships, behavior, norms & values, etc.). We offer a space especially for German-speaking women to talk about their own experiences in a protected atmosphere and to exchange ideas on various topics.

Language acquisition / support for adult family members

In order to get a different connection to the cultural roots of the partner and other family members, we offer private lessons for Adults (based on the Common European Framework of Reference for GER) - online via zoom or in our premises.

Networking with other families and children

If you want to network with other German-speaking families, our group offers from Taka-Tuka-Land TLV can help.




Education & family counseling

As part of individual counseling, we offer psycho-social or psychological support on questions of upbringing and relationships. Arrange an introductory meeting.






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