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TAKA TUKA LAND is an initiative founded by Jenny Havemann. The aim is to convey language-promoting and educationally relevant content to children with German-speaking parents in Israel.
We look forward to the year 2021!
Here is our preliminary program with a few "live events" and online offers

The further development of existing language skills for children, both spoken and written


The teaching of the German language for children in writting and speaking


The age-appropriate integration of topics relevant to culture and history


The improvement of grammatical structures and the learning of terminology of the German language (advanced)


Depending on the age group, the lessons include language and movement games for cognitive and motor language processing. The creativity and motivation of the children is promoted by a large variety of methods and learning techniques (group work, role-playing games, puzzles, search games, making collages etc.)
The group lessons enable the children to make German-speaking friends and build a German-speaking network. The second language thus becomes an integral part of the child's private environment and increases identification with the mother tongue of the caregiver.
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